Vida Health & Wellness Centre

Where the focus is on YOUR health

Looking After Your Physical Health

A consultation with Dr. Chris van Rooyen (Ph.D) is your ffirst step in enjoying renewed health and vigor.

By either working complementary to your physician - should you currently be under medical care/supervision - or simply because you have decided to support your health by means of natural/alternative protocols and therapies, Dr. van Rooyen will assist and guide you on your road to physical wellness  in a responsible way.

To assess your health, any of the following equipment and techniques might be used:

Scanners that might be used:

EIS - Electro Interstitial Scanner

NES - Nutri-Energetic System

QMRA - Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

AMD Health BIORES - a Bio-Response Machine

Techniques that might be used:

Various questionnaires (e.g. Braverman)

Tongue and Nail Signs

...and more

To end your visit, a suitable treatment protocol will be suggested, based primarily on the following:

Herbal remedies  (e.g. tinctures, ointments etc.)

Supplementation (e.g. vitamins and minerals etc.)

Rife technology

Ozone intervention


In certain instances - and keeping in line with our holistic approach - we might also suggest external therapists such as a chiropractor, dietician, body stress release practitioner or psychologist.

"It will be my pleasure to assist you in achieving good health the natural way" - Dr. Chris van Rooyen (Ph.D)