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Looking After Your Emotional Health

With over 40 years of experience in counselling and facilitating emotional well-being, Prof. Retha Knoetze (Ph.d) invites you to embark on a journey to strengthen your inner-self on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

During the journey, assessment of your well-being is done through:

  • Consultation sessions
  • Proffiling of you as person (by means of the following techniques/questionnaires):
              Enneagram (personality-type indicator)
              Love Language (a way to focus on qualitative functioning)
              Temperament (a way to understand application of personality)
              Colour Assessment (indicates who, how and 'what' you are)

The journey further includes intervention strategies to strengthen the inner-self. Techniques applied are the following:
  • Colour integrative techniques
  • Sand work
  • Human Modelling
  • Journalling
  • Brain Health (Braverman strategies)

Finalising the journey and closure of the process is done through:
  • Kinesiology
  • Regression (when needed)
  • Relaxation massage and visualisation techniques

"Looking forward to facilitate your well-being journey with a strong, positive output as a balanced, stimulated..YOU." - Prof. Retha Knoetze (Ph.D)